Check out Joffrey's Daily Specials.

         We are open daily @7am with the $1.00
             morning Coffee Wake up till 8am.

Monday's  Featured Coffee -- Hazelnut Cream
                    $2.00 Iced Coffee
                    $1.99 Ham Egg & Cheese Wrap
                    $3.00 Draft Beer
                    $3.00 All Domestic Bottles

Tuesday is TASTY TUESDAY    
                     Free Sample
          Featured Coffee -- Macadamia Nut Cream
                      $.99 Bowl of Oatmeal
                      $3.99 Tuna Salad Wrap
                      $2.99 Make your own Tea

Wednesday is Wrap & Wine Wednesdays
                       $3.99 Grilled Chicken Egg & Cheese
                       $3.99  Chicken Salad Wraped
                       $3.00 Glass of Red or White Wine
                       $3.00 Draft
                       $3.00 Domestic Bottles

              Featured Coffee -- Cuban Blend and
                       Breakfast Cubanitas
                     $2.00 Ice Cuban Coffee
                     $3.00 Iced Café Con Leche
                     $3.99 Traditional Cuban Sandwiches
                     $1.99 Blackbean Soup 
                     $1.50 Platanos Maduros

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