Why is trucking & transport so important to us?

No matter where you come from, big or small towns, no matter what part of the world, trucks and transport are an integral part of our lives. Just about every person sees trucks trailers and road trains travelling on the highways and roads every day, but often we don’t stop to think about why they are here.

If you really have a good think about it, what was the last thing that you bought at your local shops? I can almost guarantee that the last item or piece of food that you bought was delivered to the store on the back of a truck or Transporter.

Everything from electrical goods, to groceries, to clothing and building materials, are manufactured somewhere in the world and then transported – sometimes firstly by air, sometimes by sea, and then distributed around their respective countries via trucks and road transport.

What we as consumers often don’t realise is that these heavy vehicles actually cost quite a lot of money to purchase and then maintain. Transport companies are an invaluable part of our society, and without them we would not receive the items that we so desperately rely on.

On this website, over time you’ll start to see articles featuring different aspects of the trucking and Transport Industries around the world. And I am is to feature the types of things that transport companies and truck owner and operators would like to read about. This may range from tips and advice through to featuring products and methods for improving the bottom line in their transport businesses and helping them reduce costs so their businesses can survive and flourish in today’s economy.